25 October 2017

Payments were processed


We are glad to inform you, that all pending payments were processed yesterday.
Also starting from yesterday, payments will be processed weekly, on every Sunday.
Additionally, we are working on increasing of earning rate. We will inform about this on the next week.
Thank you all, for being with us!

BTCspinner Team

4 October 2017

Withdrawals delay


As you might have noticed, a lot of withdrawals requests are pending for few days.
This problem is related to our automatic payments processor, where we are reached our monthly limit of transactions.
We are working on this, so all payments will be made around 22th of October.
After this, we are planning switch to weekly payments, instead of daily, to prevent such situations (overlimits).
We are apologize and hope for your understanding.

BTCspinner Team

17 September 2017

Update released

We are glad to inform you, that new version of BTCspinner was recently released.
The major changes:

1. Higher rate
Now rate is dynamic, and depends on fidget speed, i.e. the faster you spin, the more BTC you get.
It is up to 5 times higher rate than before.

2. News section
All information about upcoming updates and events will be posted here.

3. Email notifications
Stay in touch of all updates and events of BTCspinner.

4. Stability improvements
BTCspinner Team